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Sheri Bakes -Flower Lake (Mt. Seymour) 8x10 oil on canvas 2010

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Sheri Bakes is a Canadian painter living and working in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. She received a BFA from the Emily Carr University in 1998, and began exhibiting with the Bau-Xi Gallery in 2002. Bakes' paintings deal with light and atmospheric motion in nature.

Kevin Chong wrote for the Globe and Mail, "Her brooding wind-swept scenes highlight tensions not only between the sky and land, but also between the physical landscape and the world of the mind."

Exhibitions of her work can be found at the Cella Gallery in LA, the Bau-Xi Gallery in Vancouver and Toronto, as well as the Foster/White Gallery in Seattle. Her work has been placed in numerous private collections across North America and Europe, and in permanent collections such as Emaar Properties, Dubai, UAE, Enuciate Conferencing, Toronto Dominion Bank, Vancouver General Hospital, and St. Paul's Hospital.

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